We are more than a brand! We're a testament to the powerful connection between faith, functionality and beauty.

Clean & Protect

Makeup Brush Soap

All-Natural, handcrafted brush soap, carefully designed to cleanse your brushes effectively and leave them feeling pampered. Experience the perfect blend of care and cleanliness.

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Elevate & Enhance

The Revival Collection

Discover our range of beautiful cruelty-free makeup brushes, each proudly made in the USA.

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Cleanse your body while cleansing your spirit

Suds and Scripture

Elevate your daily cleansing routine with the divine power of God's Word. Each Suds and Scripture product is a unique blend of pure, faith-inspired beauty and a serene escape to cleanse both body and soul.

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Function & Fashion

The HandyBand

An innovative and adaptive wristband designed to empower individuals with weak hand grip. It provides the confidence to handle everyday objects with ease and grace, enhancing independence and improving the quality of daily living.

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How to use the Brush Cleaning Kit

Best Seller

Enhance your beauty regimen with our Brush Cleaning Kit. A must-have collection crafted to enhance the durability and functionality of your cherished makeup brushes.