The Revival Collection Brushes

Explore makeup brushes proudly made in the USA with our premium soft, noir, and white two-toned vegan collection.

Crafted with care, each brush features hand-shaped, cruelty-free synthetic bristles and a double-crimped metal ferrule for lasting quality.
Our eco-conscious White Birch wooden handles, finished in a stunning Walnut hue, stem from sustainable national wood reforestation programs, ensuring ethical and responsible sourcing.
Committed to sustainability, our manufacturer actively supports conservation and wildlife protection organizations such as the "Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund," "Art in Education," "Free Arts New York City," and "The Kids in Need Foundation."
With over 60 years of industry experience, our manufacturer, the sole American family-run brush producer, brings you a blend of quality and tradition.
Elevate your makeup experience with Barehouse, where excellence meets ethics!