Makeup Brush Drying Towels

Do you use makeup brush towels? If you have to ask what they are, consider this as your sign to get one. 

Makeup brush drying towels are the accessories you maybe didn’t know you need to care for and maintain your beloved makeup brushes. 

Do You Need Makeup Brush Towels?

The main purpose of these towels is to help dry your brushes faster. The sooner you dry your makeup brushes, the better protected they are from getting moisture seeping into the ferrule. 

Getting your brushes exposed to water or moisture for prolonged periods of time can lead to wear and tear faster than they should. 

A simple material like this small brush drying towel can make all the difference in enjoying your makeup brush for a long, long time.

Our Barehouse Brand makeup brush drying towel is made of 100% cotton, providing the gentle but effective care that your brushes need.

Simple and Easy to Use

Barehouse Brand aims to help make your brush cleaning process effective and efficient. That’s why we developed this drying towel specifically to make things simpler and easier for you. 

All you have to do after washing your brushes is to shake off or squeeze away the excess water from your brush. Then, gently swirl and swipe the brush on the surface of the towel—there’s no need to rub it on, so you can keep the bristles intact.

To make sure the moisture is all squeezed out, gently wrap the brush head with the drying towel and slowly squeeze. Keep doing this until the brush feels almost dry. Remember to keep the pressing motion, and avoid pulling. 

Once all or most of the moisture have been absorbed by the drying towel, you can leave your brush to air dry

With these simple steps, you don’t need to spend a whole day waiting for your makeup brushes to dry before you can use them. The sooner you get them dry, the better protected they are from faster wear and tear as well. 

Get Your Drying Towels 

Get your makeup brush drying towels, soaps, or cleaning mats today from Barehouse Brand. We’re excited to provide you this new and easier makeup brush cleaning experience! Call us at (201) 264-9349 if you have any inquiries.

The Itty-Bitty towel that makes a big difference

If you're like me and you get frustrated waiting on your brushes to dry, then you might want to give this awesome little towel a try.  It's made of 100% cotton.  I developed this towel because I just didn't have the patience to wait for my brushes to dry.  I would get excited to wash them but sometimes it would take a whole 24 hours and even after that, they were still a bit damp.  So I experimented with several combinations of fabrics and I found that this combination worked the best. It definitely cuts the drying time down and helps with preventing moisture from seeping into the ferrule and weakening your brushes over time. Contact us today to get yours!

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Makeup Brush Towels

This towel will not disappoint!

Makeup Brush Cleaning Towels 

After washing your brushes, shake off excess water from your brush

Makeup Brush Towels 

Gently, swirl and swipe the brush a few times on the towel

Makeup Brush Cleaning Towels 

Grab the brush head and slowly twist and wipe bristles like a deck of cards

Makeup Brush Towels 

If needed, you can use both sides of the towel

Makeup Brush Cleaning Towels 

Repeat until the brush is mostly dry

Makeup Brush Towels 


Lay your brush flat to finish drying.