Internal Beauty || Carrie Blixt-Diaz

by Carrie Blixt-Diaz
May I tell you? For me, recognizing my inner beauty had to be the hardest lesson to learn. So life-altering yet straightforward— Allowing who I am at the core, i.e., strong, graceful, empathetic, and kind; will provide the fundamentals of peace, necessary for wholeness.  
Likewise, by allowing the rich constellations of peace to reign throughout my soul, the gift of healing enhances my core. And this is internal beauty.
I am a cancer survivor. I am a cancer endurer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and again in 2021. I currently live in the sphere of stage four metastasis. Moreover, I am a spirit living in peace and full of light.
Just as best-selling author Gabby Berstein so clearly reminds us, "we are a spirit having a human experience." In other words, my core— what makes me who I indeed am and am meant to be— is not of this world yet forced to endure.
Therefore, stop looking through the lens of the world. Instead, remind yourself to walk in the mindset of your inner beauty and associate your current self with the dreams aligned to your future self. 
So too, peace, positivity, purpose, and confidence will provide your core with beauty.
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So beautifully true! There is more to everything than what our limited five senses and two dimensional imagination can detect. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are mightier than the star athletes.


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