Green Magic Beauty Boost || Angelique Carrubba

by Angelique Carrubba
Beauty is something I've always been drawn to. Beauty in others, beauty in art, beauty in my surroundings and beauty in myself. For a very long time, I chased and embraced all things beauty related. I have followed many different skincare and makeup brands. I've been a big consumer of both for decades. Makeup makes me happy. Glitter and sparkles still do it for me even though its supposedly a big NO at my age.  That’s ok because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  We each see beauty in our own way; so for me, there are no rules.
As I got older, I've learned that beauty is not just appearance. It comes from the inside also.  It’s interesting because that means two things; being healthy on the inside and being a beautiful person on the inside too. 
A healthy lifestyle and diet play a big part in outer beauty so I began to absorb all the information I could about the importance of diet. Somewhere in my research, I came across what I found to be an almost instant youth boost. A green drink with 5 ingredients. Something so simple actually made me feel good almost instantly. I also felt like I could see a glow right away. I still feel that way after I drink it.  
The other beauty, being a beautiful person is now what I find to be the most appealing. This is what is truly worth chasing. This is a priceless commodity and what we all need to find more of.  Funny how the definition of beauty that drove me early on is now last on my list and the quality of being a beautiful person is now first. This is what I strive for and I’m drawn to.  
Beauty from nutrition is just the bonus. I learned that it’s always a constant so while I still love my makeup and I love beautiful souls, I also love my green juice!


1 head of organic romaine lettuce

2 cups organic baby spinach

2 stalks of organic celery

1 organic cucumber

Few pieces of fresh parsley

Juice this...add a squeeze of lemon...pour over ice and drink up right away. Way to Glow girl! (and boy ☺)

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