Just As I Am || Yvette Pelicot

by Yvette Pelicot

 I’ve struggled with blemishes my whole life and because of this, I started wearing foundation at age 15. It was rare that you would see my face bare because I felt ugly and ashamed of the condition of my skin. I would cake on makeup every day.

Through the years, my skin improved by switching to all natural beauty brands, and washing my brushes regularly. However, that did not heal my emotional attachment to the routine, and felt I still needed to cover up. 

I am now 46 years old and finally feel confident enough to be seen without foundation. I owe this to my love and faith in God and to the incredible women in my life. My mom and sisters have persevered through their own life challenges and done so so gracefully. They are truly beautiful inside and out, and inspire me everyday. 

Today, I have a renewed heart, sense of self, and now able to love myself just as I am

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